It’s a phrase often heard that ‘the eyes are the window to the soul’, but what does that expression really mean and how does it apply to our daily lives?

Our eyes give away clues about our feelings - what we think, what we feel and what moves us.


But beyond the eyes themselves, the appearance and shape of things like dark circles and wrinkles around the eyes and eyelids are an active part of our non-verbal communication. For example, if we notice that someone we’re talking to increases the number of times they blink, it could be a symptom of nervousness. If they frown, it may be symptom of disbelief or anger. And if we really look closely and follow the movements of our conversation partner’s eyes, then we’re really showing interest…

But beyond these detectable clues at first glance, the size of the pupil and their movements can warn us whether a person is in a state of alert, fear or if they’re feeling intimidated or distrustful. All of these elements around the eyes combined can tell us many things about our partner and what they really want to express. Let's not forget that 90% of communication occurs in a non-verbal way.

Sunglasses can play an important role in communication and it’s beyond just bringing comfort to the eyes, to their clarity or in reducing reflections from the sun and protecting us from UV radiation from the sun’s rays. Our sunglasses can help us ‘hide’ behind the lenses in situations where we’re feeling intimidated and provide discretion, confidence and a fortress around our communications.

So whilst sunglasses certainly protect us physically, they also give us security in ourselves. Are you ready to take on some SUNPERS superpowers this summer?