When we choose the lenses for our sunglasses, we need to be sure of two very important things – that we get optimum quality and that the look suits our face.

Sunglasses not only help us to see better and make us feel safer in the sun, they’re also a crucial part of our style and even our personality.

Lenses are most suitable when they:

  1. Prevent the passage of dangerous ultraviolet radiation.
  2. Reduce direct visible light radiation.
  3. Eliminate annoying reflections.
  4. Increase contrast.

What types of lenses are available on the market?

Polarised lenses

Polarised sunglasses are recommended most for those of us who enjoy water sports or while driving on wet roads. Why? When the sun’s rays reach a flat or polished surface in our surroundings, the sun’s rays are reflected into our eyes, which impedes our vision.

Mirrored lenses

This type of lens is ideal for prolonged exposure, as the surface of the lens reflects sunlight away and makes light bounce so as not to affect our eyes. They’re recommended throughout the summer season, when spending winter in the mountains and when enjoying some extreme sports out in the open air.

Inner anti-reflection coatings

Really, these can be applied to any pair of frames. Their objective is to mitigate any unwanted side reflections that affect the lenses in our glasses. They help give us a more relaxed view and at the same time avoid glare.

Photochromatic sun lenses

These lenses are made of photochromatic molecules that adapt in colour depending on the amount of light they’re receiving at any given time, providing continuous protection to your eyes in all lighting conditions. That means that when the intensity of the light is greater, our glasses darken, but if there’s less light around, our lenses will become clearer.

Exposure to ultraviolet rays is cumulative, which means that if a child isn’t protected from this radiation, by the time they’re an adult they could experience problems.

Choose glasses that protect your eyes, ones you feel comfortable wearing and also like how they look. Choose SUNPERS!